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Machining and welding of structural components
We have welding stations equipped with semi-automatic MIG / MAG machines allows the execution of steel structures and welded from sheet rolled up to 5 tons.
Installations for the food industry
Making and installation and complete production lines. Renovation and modernization of the dairy industry installations, pharmaceutical brewing. The work performed by the investor and its own documentation. System management and control of work is based on European standards and guarantees the right quality product and the appropriate technical documentation. As part of the internal control system leak welds have a camera to penetrate the pipe from 25mm to 600mm length 36m. Validation of structural welds are made using ultrasonic deflektometru. Other tests required by the constructor we employ specialized companies.
Automation and Industrial electrician
Automation and visualization of technological processes. Electrical installation for installation of industrial electrical equipment, including the full range of service. Making and installation of systems for technical communication.
Designing expansions solid models
Tetra ISG has a program for designing and creating expansions of the various components of the plate.
The program develops models containing a single plane and rays, complex surfaces of any shape, cones and tubes. With built-in generator, the program provides a solid in DXF format that can be sent to the machine notch. The application also allows you to present developments in the form of 2D shapes and using a table of coordinates.
The program automatically generates a demand for the material and the costs involved.