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Tetra Industriservice Group has existed since 1999. as an independent group. The experience gained through cooperation with many companies in the country and abroad, combined with experience and qualifications of our employees, and the use of modern techniques and tools that guarantee the highest quality end product. The fruit of many years of work is to produce several lines of business providing comprehensive customer service:
- Welding and machining of structures and elements of ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum.
- Automation and visualization of technological processes, equipment in full, together with control and service.
- Making and installation of complete process lines and the food industry (CIP stations, pasteurization kits, complete the preparation and distribution lines, pressure washing systems, process water systems).
- Renovation and modernization of the installation of the dairy industry, pharmaceutical brewing. The work performed by the investor and its own documentation. System management and control of work is based on the corresponding standards and guarantees the right of European product quality and appropriate technical documentation.
In 2003 we started cooperation with the Danish company Eurocon Aps. Rasmus Vej 22 7500 Holstebro, with whom we cooperate in the construction and maintenance of exhaust treatment systems, installations for the transport of dust. the work we do in Europe. Proper care of the quality of work that are the top priority assigned to install equipment. Long-term experience of company employees, Tetra Industriservice Group, expertise in problem solving, technical and market knowledge and high mobility of the workforce that makes the work entrusted to us are made quickly and reliably.